Started as a wholesaler of chemical raw materials in 1960, and after many transformations
and evolutions with years of R&D and manufacturing experience,
『Tyeng Long』is today the largest R&D and innovative manufacturing factory
in the industry of public health products in Taiwan.

Constantly innovation ability and R&D quality, and as the role of integrated pest management
to provide proper prevention concepts while preventing vector pests
and promote professional knowledge on application of public health products.
Hopefully, the harm of public health products to human body and the environment
will be reduced to maintain the sustainable evergreen of the earth.

Established its own brand『HUKUROU』and marketing channels to provide exclusive customized product requirements
from acquisition of raw materials, formula research, development design, documentation and information provision, etc.
『Tyeng Long』upholds the most rigorous high-standard quality control and service, research and development,
all the way to sell on the market.

Expand overseas markets and move towards international development.
Products are exported to Pakistan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc