Powder bait


1. Ready to use.

2. Highly attractive.

3. Can be applied in cracks, corners, in areas around homes, hotels, hospitals, food stores, supermarkets, schools, cars and more!

Where to use

Apply powder directly onto surfaces close to ant tracks or nests.


How to use

Place bait on surfaces that have shown evidence of ants for consumption. Once the bait has been taken, a gradual decrease in the ant population will be noticed. If more ants are present after 2 weeks, replenish powder accordingly.

Borax Benefits
1. A mineral mined from the ground showing low toxicity rates for humans and animals alike.
2. Provided interference within ant digestive systems,causing eventual death.
3. Slow-acting poison perfect for being distributed throughout ant colonies and eliminating queens.
Borax 5%w/w
Ant species
Mortality over 80% (day)
Pheidole megacephala 6 days