Boric Acid 5%w/w Solution
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1. ELIMINATES THE ENTIRE COLONY- A wood penetrating formula distributes bait

   effectively to termite colonies, including larvae and the queen, killing them all within 14 days.


2. SAFE TO USE- The active ingredient, Boric acid, which exists in minerals, volcanoes, and

   hot springs, is odor-free, and its low toxicity level is safe around humans.


3. PRESERVES WOOD- Prevents wood and furniture from termite damage.


4. LONG-LASTING- Lasts up to 2 weeks.


Applied areas:
For indoor and outdoor use.


Directions for use:

Apply 50 ml of the solution per square meter in each location, showing evidence of termite activity. For example, a 100 square meters room needs 5000ml of the solution to eradicate termites properly.


Active Ingredient: Boric acid

Boric acid is a substance naturally found in minerals, volcanoes, and hot springs, etc. It is commonly used as an industrial raw material and also as an active ingredient in pesticides. As termites lick the boric acid off themselves, they swallow it, inhibiting the absorption of nutrients, in turn starving them regardless of the amount of wood they consume.

Boric Acid 7.5%w/w Solution
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7.5%w/w Solution