Powder bait
Boric Acid 15%w/w Powder Bait
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1. Easy to use.

2. Long Residual - Continues to kill roaches for months after application as long as it's kept dry.

3. Can be applied in cracks, corners, and other areas around homes, hotels, hospitals,
    restaurants, supermarkets, schools, vehicles, etc.

Applied area:

For indoor and outdoor use.


Direction for use:

Powder bait should be applied where cockroaches have been observed or in areas showing evidence of their existence. Regularly check to see if cockroaches have consumed bait. If bait remains untouched, apply bait to other locations.

Boric Acid: 
Low toxicity to humans and other animals, environmentally friendly.  
A slow acting poison effectiving cockroach digestive systems allowing the poison to spread throughout colonies causing extermination.


Boric Acid 50%w/w Powder Bait
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Boric Acid 68%w/w Powder Bait
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