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Natural Garlic Extract

-Natural extracted ingredients, no harm to plants.     
- Highly effective to control of plant insects.   
- Easy to handle. 
- No pesticide residue. 

  • 有效成分: Garlic extracted liquid, food grade ethanol, pure water 
  • 適用範圍: Common plants, gardens, orchards and horticultures. 
1. Avoid ingestion, and avoid contact with skin or eyes.     
2. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.   
3.Avoid directly spray in the young buds or petals. Apply in the morning or nightfall, 
and avoid apply in the noon or under burning sun. For sensitive plants (such as leaves with fluff)
or young plants, make a test by spraying in small part of the plant. Continue to spray if no any
bad reaction from the test. Stop spraying if any bad reaction is occurred. 
4. The product is made of natural ingredients, sometimes precipitate will be seem,
 only shank it before use. 
5. Normally natural ingredients make slow effect, and it needs to apply more times to
receive the effect of insects repellent .